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PT Chemco Harapan Nusantara is a joint venture between Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd. Of Japan and PT. Prospect Motor of Indonesia. The company’s growth, with it’s initial working capital of IDR 105 billion, reflects the advancement of the Automotive Industry as one. Local production facilities combined with advance Japanese automotive component manufacturing technology together with Chemco’s focus on technical development and precision engineering has put Chemco today as one of South East Asia’s leading manufacturer of brake systems, supplying an increasing demand of global customers

Today, the company’s product range comprises not only brake systems for automobile and motorcycles but also asbestos and non-asbestos brake pads and shoes as well as aluminum casting parts for different applications in the automotive industry as core business area.

Over the last 20 years, our consistently high performing products and comprehensive customer service have enabled Chemco to establish a dominant position in Indonesia and a strong and growing presence in overseas markets.

Chemco’s mission is “To produce top quality, dependable brake systems with exceptional service” while maintaining environmental aspects and safety.